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Lease Purchase

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Lease purchase? 

Don’t have the money to purchase a building?  Then our affordable lease purchase plan would work great for you.  A small down payment and a low monthly payment and its yours.

Is it Expensive?  

The cost per month is comparable to that of what you would have were you to rent a storage facility that is not on your own property.  We work within your budget to get a comfortable amount per month for you.

Why should I consider a Lease Purchase plan?

There are no credit checks, which means instant approval every time.  We take a small down payment and work with you to have a comfortable monthly payment within your budget and the building is yours.  

A Lease Purchase plan is only a 6 month agreement. You don't have to worry about being tied to a long term contract.  If you decide that you no longer want the building, just let us know and we will come pick it up. There is also the early purchase option. 

Own your own personal storage building!

Here is the perfect opportunity to have your own storage building on your property rather than paying rent on storage warehousing. Our monthly rental rates are comparable to storage warehouses per square foot. The beauty is, at the end of the plan, you own it.